Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance For Your Home

Whether you are installing new, upgrading, needing repairs, or just an estimate, Cozy Heating Inc. can install, diagnose and service any residential or commercial HVAC equipment.

Furnace Tune up & Maintenance:

-Replace or clean filters
-Inspect heat exchanger
-Check gas pressure
-Check fan motors for proper voltage
-Amp draw
-Test system safety devices
-Lubricate moving parts as needed
-Check thermostat operation
-Check blower assembly
-Check and adjust burners
-Check ignition system
-Tighten electrical connections
-Check flue pipe and set damper

Air Conditioner Service Tune-Up:

-Check Condenser Coil
-Freon Check
-Check Refrigerant Charge
-Blower Motor
-Air Filters
-Test Compressor/Stat Operation
-Code Compliance

With a professionally installed and maintained central-air system,you have a clean, efficient, and affordable way to keep your home comfortable year round.

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