Maintenance Program

Just a few things to be checked during your maintenance…

Thermostat – outdated or damaged thermostat often reads temperature improperly, resulting in rapidly changing internal temperatures, occupant discomfort and potential damage to key parts of the unit.

Air Filter – an HVAC unit’s air filter becomes clogged with dust, lint, hair and other debris, occupants typically notice problems with allergies and a decreased quality of air. Clogged filters can adversely affect internal equipment and potentially cause long-term damage to the unit.

Condensate line – buildup of algae and other debris in the drain pan’s line can result in the overflow of water. This candamage nearby walls, ceilings and flooring, and can also result in a dangerous electric situation.

Wiring – problems in heating and air conditioning systems can be as easy as a simple disconnects to major short circuiting. Connections can become loose over time and, if left un-checked, may require costly replacement of parts or even an entire unit.

Condenser Check – the operation and condition of the condenser. Check refrigerant tubing for wear. Add refrigerant if needed.

General System Check – of the unit is checked including the start cycle and shut off. All pressures and readings are recorded for current and future reference as a tool to reference year to year. The technician will address any unusual noises or odors indicating a possible repair.

Added benefits of signing up for the program…

Discounts —1 5% discount on all repairs.

Priority — Get moved to the top of the list if an emergency repair does occur.

Warranty — Any parts replaced while on the program are covered by a 2 year part & labor warranty when currently in enrolled in the program.

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